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Did You Know?

NTMA Safety Survey

The NTMA is currently collecting data for the Annual Safety Award Survey, based on OSHA Form 300A. The Deadline to complete the survey is April 1, 2018.
Please be sure to read the instructions carefully, for they contain an important reminder regarding Federal requirements for the official OSHA Form 300A.  Qualifying companies who participate receive an NTMA Safety Certificate.

Click Here    OR  contact Sandy Bailey to participate.


New this year, the Operating Costs (OC) Survey and the Executive Compensation (EC) Survey were separated.  The Executive Compensation Survey was scheduled around W-2 season with hopes to make completion more convenient for HR departments and in an effort to gain better participation leading to better insights the survey.  (This cycle has been completed - watch for the next release in January 2019).  The Operating Costs Survey will be launched in mid-March.  Your participation in the survey helps provide the best industry data possible.  And the results are FREE to participants only!     

Wage & Fringe Benefits Survey

The NTMA Wage & Fringe Benefits Survey is launched in the fall each year.  Your confidential responses to the survey are sent directly to the survey administrators, who are independent of NTMA. No one at the Chapter level or at NTMA ever sees your data. One key person from NTMA member companies completes/submits the survey. Summary reports are distributed about year-end and are free to companies who complete the survey. Should the NWPA Chapter Members submits at least 10 responses, the report will include data broken down by region (in addition to national) so your participation helps create even more value locally.  ALL members, large and small, are strongly encouraged to participate. 


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Manufacturing Advanced Expo

Manufacturing Advanced Expo
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MAY 10, 2018
Ambassador Center, Erie, PA


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