NWPA Chapter Benefits

Advantages to Membership in NWPA NTMA

In addition to the benefits available through being linked to the National Association, regional benefits include:


Membership meetings are held at least six months a year plus committees are open to all members and employees giving our members the opportunity to network with over 125 local member companies. Plus all Regular Members have access to a larger network of over 1,700 NTMA Members making up largest metalworking trade association in the U.S.  

Worker's Compensation Program:

Group rates are available to local members through PMA. 

Multiple Employer 401k Plan:

Partnerships provide a group plan to save administrative fees and reduce trustee liability for local members.  

Workforce Development:

Our local chapter recognizes the importance of getting young people interested in our trade. Programs lead by the NWPA NTMA include:

RoboBOTS provides 17 high schools and over 190 students year-round opportunity to develop their combat robots using skills needed in our industry. The annual competition draws in over 1,250 spectators from the community.

Manufacturing Student Clubs expose students to the career opportunities availalbe in the tooling and manufacturing industry. 

Our local chapter supports the NWPA NTMA Education Foundation that provides scholarships to students entering post-secondary education programs in the trade.

Political Advocacy:

Our local chapter particiates in NTMA's national lobbying effort through “One Voice.”