Public Announcements


One Voice COVID-19 Rapid Response Website

NTMA’s One Voice team has created a website,, where NTMA members can obtain the trustworthy, practical information you need right now to operate your businesses. The current website topic areas include:
  • Federal, State and Local Government Ordinances and Information (including Families First Coronavirus Response Act);
  • Safe Workplace Guidelines, Workforce Resources;
  • Human Resource Compliance Tools (including OSHA Workplace Guidance);
  • Loan and Tax Information (including Small Business Administration Disaster Loans) 

The site is being updated constantly as new information becomes available. 

As important, NTMA is ensuring that Washington policymakers understand the immediate challenges and needs of our members. The One Voice team is conveying our members’ priorities to Congress and the White House so that these priorities are reflected in proposed stimulus and assistance legislation.