Workers' Compensation Plan Fast Facts


  FAST FACTS:                   

  • Over $1.5 million in Workers Compensation premiums for NTMA allows us to offer an aggressive rate structure plus scheduled credit (where applicable).
  • Sub class rate filing for Machine Shops with Precision Machining (less than 50%) payroll (Effective: October 1, 2006).
  • Over 100 members currently access the NTMA Group Workers Compensation program.
  • Large group premium provides Loss Insulation and Market Insulation the members.
  • Premier “Top of Industry” carriers of Workers Compensation in Pennsylvania.  

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  • Stability: Current broker has managed the NTMA Group program since 1980.
  • Dedicated and Local NTMA service team that includes: Risk Control, Underwriting and Claims.
  • Industry support through a partnership with select Chapters of the National Tooling and Machining Association.


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