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Did You Know?

NTMA Wage & Fringe Benefit Survey

Unemployment is at a 50 year low!
– Retiring baby boomers leave fewer people to work.
– Worker shortages are now most acute in skilled, blue-collar jobs.

Recruiting and, possibly more importantly, retaining employees is tougher than it has been for decades.
As you may know, the 2019 NTMA Wage & Fringe Benefit Survey is underway.  A copy of an Excel file of the survey is here.  If you want a PDF of the survey, email [email protected] to request a copy.
When it comes to shop wages, members want to know. "What are wage rates in my backyard?"  If your chapter has adequate participation, Mackay Research Group will provide wages for our backyard.
Mackay is an independent research firm and results are anonymous.

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5:30 PM at the Hotel Conneaut.  

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Blue collar bash

Tickets go on sale at the Annual Membership Meeting. 

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In The News

The NWPA Chapter has been named the 2019 NTMA Star Chapter of the Year!  This marks the fourth consecutive year and sixth time since the inception of the award in 2011.  Many thanks to our fantastic volunteers who contribute to our Chapter's success!

fall conference group photo

Brandon Seitz,
Greg Wasko,
Clay Dawson,
Andy Reinwald,
Tami Adams,
Bonnie Kuhn,
Ken Kuhn



The Star Chapter designation is awarded to recognize Chapters, their leaders, and staff for outstanding achievements in advancing the NTMA and the manufacturing industry.  Star Chapter status is determined by achieving a high score on the annual Chapter Organizational Questionnaire conducted in the fall of each year.  This survey measures a chapter’s level of organizational excellence, local influence and engagement with NTMA on a national level. The Chapter of the Year award is given to the chapter with the highest score on the questionnaire. 

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