National Robotics League (NRL) Champions

Cochranton has carried the trophy as Champion of the NWPA RoboBOTS contest for the past 4 years. They have also won awards for Best Documentation, King of the Ring, and Best Sportsmanship. In May 2016, Cochranton attended the National Robotics League (NRL) Contest in California, PA.  The NRL hosted 63 teams from seven states plus Puerto Rico.  Teams range from high school to college level competing in the same brackets.  Team Projekt Mayhem won the national title at the NRL Contest with their BOT, Juggernaut. 

Members from NWPA NTMA recently visited Cochranton to present them with commemorative national champion polo shirts.  Brian Deane, RoboBOTS Chair, Craig Mullen, NWPA Chapter President, Chris Minnis, NWPA NTMA Education Foundation President, and Tami Adams, NWPA Chapter Executive Director, joined Cochranton Principal, Don Wigton and Advisor, Chris Yost, at Cochranton Jr-Sr High.  The NWPA Chapter supports the NRL and is proud to have local teams represent us at the national contest.  Congratulations again to Cochranton for winning the 2016 NRL Contest.

The success of these teams are not only the result of the commitment of the students, but also the leadership and dedication of the Applied Engineering Education Instructor and RoboBOTS Advisor, Chris Yost. He has successfully integrated new technology at Cochranton to allow the students to work more independently through the design and build of their BOTS. With the financial support of the NWPA NTMA Education Foundation, Cochranton has added two CNC machines to their lab over the past four years. Many thanks to Chris Yost for inspiring youth to pursue technical careers.

CHS Team

Team pictured with NRL trophy, BOT, NWPA Traveling Trophy and NWPA 1st Place