Donations Accepted Through;

-Qualified K-12 Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program

The NWPA NTMA Education Foundation is an approved EITC Program!  Link to Listing (scroll to bottom of page for "List of Organizations."  Select "Educational Improvement Organizations.").  

To find out how your business can direct state taxes to local K-12 Educational Programs, contact NWPA NTMA at 814-720-0094 or talk with any of the NWPA NTMA Education Foundation Board Members.  


-Establishment of a Scholarship  

Any organization, individual or business wishing to help further the career of a young individual is encouraged to create a scholarship and establish their own criteria through the Education Foundation. It is required that the organization, individual or business creates and establishes all guidelines for an applicant to qualify. (i.e. essay required, high school graduate, currently enrolled student, age, residency, employment aspirations, for a PMI student, etc.)

Any organization, individual or business should also establish the "name" of the scholarship, the amount of the scholarship (may vary each year), whether or not you wish to be involved in the decision making process for applicant(s), the criteria and any additional pertinent information that you feel is imperative for your scholarship.



-Contributions through Crawford Heritage Community Foundation

The NWPA NTMA Education Foundation has an Organizational Endowment Fund established with the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation to provide an option for donors to contribute through a professionally managed account.  Since funds are endowed and not spent, they continue to pay dividends perpetually.  

The Crawford Heritage Community Foundation provides Sample Bequest Forms to assist you and your advisers in defining the details of your charitable giving. Should you need assistance, they will also provide a list of legal, accounting, and financial professionals with whom they have worked in the past.

Bequests of any amount may be designated to NTMA Education Foundation Endowment Fund directly or in coordination with additional philanthropic organizations.